Online Course: The Macqueen Shoulder, Lower Back and Torso Treatment Protocols 2014 (18 CPD Points Available)


Phil’s Most Recent Seminar June 2014, Sydney Australia

Presenter: Phil Macqueen

DVD Format: PAL

Length: 8 DVDs

Online Course Available: Designed by Louis Gordon

This Online Course will give you access to the entire DVD online, broken down into 8 lessons with accompanying questions, which you can access at any time. On completion of an online course, a certificate will be presented, valid for 18 CPD points.



Discover How to Improve Your Success Rate Treating Musculoskeletal and Tendon Injuries!

The late Phil Macqueen developed the “Macqueen Protocol” over 33 years of personal research, and determined soft tissue techniques and a Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) Technique to immediately correct muscles that have a reduced range of motion (ROM).

This online workshop shows you how you can greatly improve your success rate treating the most common sports-related and other musculoskeletal injuries involving the shoulders and the lower back and torso. Four different categories of lower back pain are differentiated and the appropriate treatment protocol is discussed. Lower torso conditions including Sore Hips, Trochanteric Bursitis, Lateral Leg or Quadriceps muscle Pain, Gluteal Pain, Sciatica, Groin Pain and Knee Pain are all considered.

While consideration is given to acupuncture treatment of these conditions, Phil concentrates on the application of his soft tissue techniques to speed up the recovery of our patients so that they can regain their former active life without pain and restrictions. Help your patients be able to pick up their grand-kids and play golf again without the stress of pain and limited ROM.

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