Layers Of Life – Solving the Musculo Skeletal Jigsaw


Presenter: Phil Macqueen


Length: 10 Hours



An acupuncturist with twenty two years experience, Phil Macqueen is always searching for ways to make treatment more efficient. His search has led him invent ways to make things work better.

The application of simple laws of therapy and a good understanding of practical anatomy are the keys which the successful therapist uses to achieve great results” said Phil The use of the techniques shown in this two day seminar be of great benefit to your patients and to yourself as practitioner. The clear discussion of muscle origins and insertions and the logical demonstration of what these muscles (and their antagonists do) is of vital importance to getting excellent clinical results Phil demonstrates the use of specific acupuncture points to enhance the effectiveness of the bodywork he demonstrates, the results of which can give dramatic, on the couch results! The “‘Layers of Life” relates to how muscles have and hold memories, and by the use of these techniques, you will be able to help the patient emerge from many years of “stuckness” from under these layers. An explanation of the “relapse” so common in treatments will give you more encouragement to stick to your guns when you know your therapeutic course is the correct one.

These tapes and VCD’s are for the practitioner who wants to move into new territory in their therapy, and us to their benefit the work that has taken over twenty years to develop…the results will show up from the first application of this material.

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