Hands on Strategies for Musculoskeletal Problems


Presenter: Phil Macqueen

DVD Format: PAL

Covering Neck and Shoulder problems and Low Back, Hips, Sciatica and Leg Problems

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About the Presenter

Phil Macqueen has been developing his unique style of practice for over thirty years.

The culmination of these practical and research efforts are combined here to present an extremely useful “How-To” in Musculo -Skeletal therapy.

It is a combination of physical body work and specialised acupuncture points which give remarkable results.

Whether Upper Torso or Lower Torso problem, the specialised techniques which Phil teaches can be applied  successfully.

The Shoulder  work relating to identification of the major muscles of arm movement and the strategies to release those muscles causing restriction of movement is a treatment protocol which enables rapid resolution of most shoulder problems.  The shoulder/arm strategies Phil explains and demonstrates give a clear insight to almost all restricted arm movement  problems.

The Lower Torso work is broken down into four major and seven minor categories of restriction. These are clearly described and the procedures to rectify these problems clearly demonstrated and described.

Muscle relaxation is the key with Musculo – Skeletal problems.  What you will learn from this DVD set will make you at home with, and develop your confidence to tackle almost any problem in this area.


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