50 Ways to Smooth the Liver


Presenter: Greg Bantick

DVD Format: PAL or NTSC

Length: 12 Hours

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Dissatisfied, irritable, neck and shoulder tension, acid reflux, bowel disorders, depression, PMT, or breast lumps. Many conditions are caused by or contributed to by liver qi stasis and other liver patterns. The class covers some ways of clinically identifying liver qi stasis, including pulse and tongue manifestations and palpation signs. Viewers will learn a variety of ways to treat liver qi stasis. We will cover the traditional pattern identification for several different manifestations of liver qi stasis, with an emphasis on breast lumps, neck and shoulder tension, and ways of helping your patients through it.

Treatment techniques discussed include;

  • The use of herbs, internal and external applications, including baths, enemas, pessaries and poultices
  • Acupuncture, including, channel palpation, finding and selecting points and needle manipulation methods
  • Cupping and Gua Sha techniques to alleviate blockages and invigorate channel qi
  • Moxa using direct and indirect methods with a variety of other medicinal substances and techniques such as walnut shell moxa glasses
  • Tui Na techniques to open the channels and relieve qi stasis

Treatments include self-help ideas of diet, exercise and mindfulness meditation that participants can teach their patients. The class includes demonstrations of all the techniques.

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