About Phil Macqueen


Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate 2003 and 1999
St Johns Ambulance, Brisbane Australia

Certificate of Competency Psychological Basics and Caring 1991
John Barnaby Brisbane Australia

Practitioner Diploma Bowen Therapy 1991
Russell Sturgess Brisbane Australia

Diploma Of Western Herbal Medicine 1984
Southern Cross Herbal College (Dennis Stewart)
Gosford New South Wales Australia

Diploma Swedish Massage 1982
Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture

Bachelor of Acupuncture 1982
International College of Oriental Medicine (Nederlands)
(Dr.Van Buren)

Bachelor of Acupuncture 1981
Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture (Australia)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Two Years Study 1968
Auckland University

New Zealand Certificate Of Science (Year One) 1966
Hamilton New Zealand

Completion of High School to Sixth Form 1962 – 1965
Fairfield College Hamilton New Zealand

Vardon Primary Hamilton New Zealand 1957 – 1961
Stepgates Primary Chertsey Surrey England 1953 – 1956




Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd accreditation from 1981 onward
Acupuncture Ethics and Standards Organisation accreditation 1983 onwards



General Practice of Acupuncture

Cleveland Health Centre 1982 – 1988
Cleveland Queensland Australia
General practice with emphasis on musculo skeletal problems
and emotional well being

Macqueen Acupuncture Clinic 1982 – 1988
Capalaba Queensland Australia
General practice with emphasis on musculo skeletal problems
and emotional well being and laser treatment of children=s problems

Acupuncture Works 1999 – present
Cleveland and Birkdale
General practice with emphasis on musculo skeletal problems, sciatica
low back pain and neck and shoulder problems.
Working with para and quad patients



Board Member of Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd 1984 -1993

President of Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd 1998-1991
– Involvement with the development of the profession in Australia
– Liaising with Governments on a State and Federal Basis for the benefit
of the profession
– Movement forward of the process of registration of the profession
in Australia
– Liaising and negotiating with Private Health Funds to gain member coverage
– Liaising and negotiating with insurance companies for professional indemnity
coverage for our members
– Development of Acupuncture Awareness Week for the benefit
of the profession
– Organising promotional activities for members
– Chair of National Competency Standards Development Committee
to define the profession of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Australia
– Negotiating with Australian Ethics and Standards Association to unify the
Profession in Australia

President of Australian Acupuncture Ethics and Standards Association 1990 – 1991
– Conclusion of merge of Australian Ethics and Standards Association
and Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd



Clinical Solutions for Difficult Cases of Upper
and Lower Torso Musculoskeletal Problems 2007
York UK A weekend seminar

Layers of Life – Solving the Musculo Skeletal Jigsaw 2003
Auckland New Zealand. A weekend seminar

Neck and Shoulder Problems 2001
Brisbane Australia. A one day seminar

Sciatica and Low Back Pain 1997
Brisbane Australia. A three hour seminar



Treatment of Snoring utilising Body and Ear Acupuncture
with Per Andersen Denmark 2007

Acute Inflammatory Conditions treated with Acupuncture
with Shmuel Halevi Israel 2007

Pain and Skin Disorders 2004
by Greg Bantick Melbourne Australia

Fifty Ways to Smooth the Liver 2004
by Greg Bantick Sydney Australia

Walking Through Walls, Talking to our Ghosts 2004
by Greg Bantick Brisbane Australia

Musculo Skeletal Conditions 2003
By Heather Bruce Brisbane Australia

Moving Blockages 2003
by Heather Bruce Brisbane Australia

Exploring the Shang Han Lun 2002
by Masakazu Ikeda sensei Gold Coast Australia

Introduction to Constitutional Treatments and Gynaecology 2001
by Kiiko Matsumoto Brisbane Australia

From Syndrome to Treatment 2000
by Masakazu Ikeda sensei Gold Coast Australia

Missing the Point 2000
by John McDonald Brisbane Australia

Zang Fu Strategies 2000
by John McDonald Brisbane Australia

Sports Medicine Workshop 1999
by Howard Arbuthnot Brisbane Australia

Sports Medicine Workshop 1999
by Xiao Lu Li Brisbane Australia


First National Symposium of Acupuncture 1999
sponsored by Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd
Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Adelaide

Subsequent National Symposia through to 2004


Directions in Acupuncture 1999
by Edward Obaidey Brisbane Australia

Acupuncture in Our Time New Directions in Healing 1999
by Heather Bruce Brisbane Australia

Head Acupuncture for Post Stroke Sequelae 1998
by Professor Kong Yaoqi Sydney Australia

Head Acupuncture for Acute and Chronic Injuries and Pain Management 1998
by Professor Kong Yaoqi Sydney Australia

Cathay Herbal TCM Tutorial and Certificate Course (four day seminar) 1998
Professor Shu-zhen ZHAO
Professor Zheng LU Brisbane Australia

Secret Needle Techniques of Lo Bai Cheng 1997
John McDonald Brisbane Australia

The Study of Gynaecology and Fertility 1996
by Jane Lyttleton Byron Bay Australia

Pi Wei Lun Disorders and Treatment Options 1996
by Professor De Shan Liu Byron Bay Australia

Treating the Spirit and Releasing the Viscera through 1996
Traditional Chinese Massage (Tuina),
Gary Bignold Brisbane Australia

The Use of Chinese Herbal Formulas for Emotional Disorders 1996
Graham Jellet Brisbane Australia

Introduction to Chinese Massage & Qi Gong 1996
by Gary Bignold Byron Bay Australia

Functions of the Points (Three seminars) 1996
by Peter Deadman (Brisbane Melbourne Sydney)

Fluid Pathology 1995
by Steven Clavey Brisbane Australia

Practical Applications of the Secondary Channels 1994
by Professor Lun Wong Brisbane Australia


Acupuncture and Pregnancy 1994
by Heather Bruce Brisbane Australia

Eight Extra Meridians 1994
by Heather Bruce Brisbane Australia

Aspects in the Management of Musculo Skeletal Injuries 1994
by Terry Hitzke Brisbane Australia

Japanese Acupuncture Techniques 1994
by Edward Obaidey Brisbane Australia

The Diagnosis and Treatment of the Lower Back 1990
and Buttocks from a TCM Perspective
by David Legge Brisbane Australia



Editor and contributor – Newsletters of
Australian Acupuncture Association Ltd from 1985 – 1993
Supply of personally developed advertising pamphlets
to the Acupuncture profession for no charge 2002 – ongoing



Setting up of an AAcupuncture Help Line@ on the Internet for the profession
to field and receive replies to difficult cases and for bonding through
knowledge and help for the profession.
To help students in developing a knowledge base based on clinical results.



Born Chertsey Surrey England 1947
Primary and Secondary Schooling in UK and New Zealand 1953 to 1966
Tertiary in New Zealand 1966 to 1968
Travelled to and settled in Australia 1969
Went Opal Mining at Lightning Ridge NSW 1969 to 1976
Married (first time) 1974
Sold mining equipment and claims, moved to Brisbane, Queensland 1975
Birth of first of three children 1976
Started Earthmoving business 1977
Started Jewellery Manufacturing business 1978
Birth of Second child 1978
First Visit to Acupuncturist 1978
Sell Earthmoving Business and
Enrol at Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture Start1979
Graduate Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture End 1981
Birth of Third child 1981
Continuous Acupuncture practice to Present


Meet Julie (my Partner) 1993
Life starts in earnest!




The intention of this section is to act as an introduction to me.
Acupuncture is not rocket science. It is a profession where people matter.
To be a successful professional practitioner one needs special qualities.
These qualities are not enumerated or transmitted through a list of seminars attended or how many degrees one has. Any one can pass an exam.

To see more about me and my clinic please visit my clinic website atwww.acupunctureworks.info

Please visit my Business website www.acupuncturedvds.com

I believe the qualities needed to be a caring and successful practitioner show up in the following sections.


I care about people. I try always to go the extra mile when it comes to a treatment and in my personal life.
I have a great sense of humour and recognise that the ability to reframe a situation can help a patient immeasurably.
I have lived with pleasure and pain, both physical and emotional. I can relate to people who have experienced death of someone close, lost loved ones. In a time of transition the empathy of another person who has experienced similar pain is comforting

I love animals, have had and cared about and for many pets.

For as long as I can remember I have asked the question, @how can I do this task better?@
In my professional and personal life this has been my aim.
It has been a driving force to look for a better way to help a patient get better the best way possible.
It leads one to think outside the square and not be accepting of the dogma that Aeventually it will work@.
The result of this style of thinking is the generation of a wealth or storehouse of knowledge.
This led me to my ‘funnest’ occupation …that of teaching and sharing the information I have accumulated. Accumulated by practical application of physiological knowledge and asking always…why!

I am a recorder of history for coming generations.
I am passionate about the distribution capture and recognition of our knowledge base and hence my desire to share with others the Masters DVD series which I am in the process of creating.

Some write books about themselves and others, I make videos about others and myself and using the same creative talent that authors have, I create and record history and memories which will remain long after the author is gone.




– I am a qualified open water scuba diver and with my similarly qualified partner we get as much diving in as possible. Favourite spots are the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland and as we have a yacht we combine cruising and diving on the reef.

– My partner (Julie) and I enjoy yachting. We regularly go cruising on our yacht as a form of relaxation. On occasions we race the boat with some measure of success in major events.

– I am also a competent jeweller and goldsmith and enjoy working with our national gemstone opal. Time does not permit me to indulge more in this interest.

– Other interests are bird watching and bushwalking. We are fortunate to live in an area abundant with a wide variety of bird species so this interest is always kept fuelled!




I make DVD=s and videos on a professional level.
My company is called Acupuncture Videos Australia.
I have been doing this since 1994. I have state of the art digital cameras and digital editing and DVD production equipment for this purpose.
Recently I have embarked on inviting overseas lecturers to Australia to be part of the AMasters Series@ of DVD=s. It is my plan to travel around the world, interviewing and video taping Masters of Acupuncture to preserve their knowledge for ever and making the ensuing DVDs available to the Acupuncture world through my website www.acupuncturedvds.com

This is in line with my thinking that when one is dead, knowledge not written down is lost.
My way of circumventing that is to video Masters at their best, talking working, explaining and teaching. Thus their subtleties and nuances as well as point and protocol knowledge are available for other practitioners to imitate or learn from.

Should you need any further information, please contact me through any of the above addresses

Philip Macqueen