Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a normaliser. When performed by a skilled practitioner will be able to return your disharmonious energies to all work for the common good. When you know things aren’t quite right or definitely not right and nothing else has worked acupuncture usually re-harmonises the body so the brain gives the correct controlling commands to different organ systems. Think of a simple problem like Lack of Sleep. Not hard if you’ve got it. The times when we wake up are important. If it’s between 3am and 5am the problem is often generated by grief. Grief is a normal emotion. But if we are having problems processing that grief the fuse blows of the Lungs organ and we wake up.

Acupuncture works by harmonising the Lungs energy, allowing us to come to terms with the loss a lot quicker. This was a strange concept to me thirty years ago but as the years have passed I have had successes for people using the old simple understanding of a medicine that is over three thousand years old.

What you can’t do, Acupuncture can fix:

  • A Sore Back won’t allow you to work and earn a decent wage and feel a valid member of your family or the community
  • A Sore Back stops you from picking up your children
  • A Sore Back can drop you in your tracks.
  • A Restricted or Frozen Shoulder can stop you from hanging out washing, driving safely without using your knees. It’ll stop you from putting on a shirt, doing up your bra, being artistic if you cant hold a paint brush or putting that arm around your loved one
  • A Stiff Neck can severely limit your driving. Try changing lanes on the freeway when you cant see what next to you or about to overtake you.
  • Numb Fingers, with pain and no grip strength stop you opening bottles and jars and holding a cup of tea.
  • Carpel Tunnel problems frequently require an operation but studies reveal that the cause of this problem lies in the neck where the nerves that go down the arm come from. Jam (compress) a nerve there and that reduces blood supply to the area and the tissue will fail due to lack of sufficient oxygenation and nutrition. Rather than operate and have the problem return in a year or two, better to fix the cause.
    This is what I do, loosening the neck muscles and local anti-inflammatory points at the problem area. A lot cheaper and less intrusive than surgery.
  • Lack of Energy and Motivation is a condition which responds well to acupuncture. A good diagnosis is important as to the cause, ie has some one worked too hard and now the candle has almost snuffed out. Rebuilding of the vital reserves is possible. As they improve the client begins to feel a new life flowing through them…Acupuncture Works…

The benefits of Acupuncture are many and the problems I can fix are many. If you want, please call for a free fifteen minute call in chat and see if you think I can help. No obligation at all.