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Dong Bang DB106 Needles - Inculding Free Postage 

A box of 1,000 DB106 Soft Needles “Spring Handle”


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Hands on Strategies for Musculoskeletal Problems


The latest work of Phil Macqueen recorded live at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York UK  shows in great detail his methodical and practical approach to fixing Neck, Shoulder, Back and other nerve related problems of these areas.  Combining his own brand of physical therapy/massage approach with acupuncture which he has developed in 30 years of clinical practice is shown in this very practical DVD set to be very effective in treatment of these problems.  He demonstrates some new points he has discovered to great effect and explains the reasons clearly as to why they work especially when combined with needle technique which is also demonstrated.  This DVD set is for the practitioner who wants to expand the body work part of their practice, increase their knowledge of needle technique, gain a deeper understanding of practical anatomy and get great results when applying the techniques in this DVD set. 

Produced by Acupuncture Videos AustraliaRecorded in York, England in 2012. 

6 Dvds PAL or NTSC

Price: $150 

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Auriculotherapy that Works:

Presented by Jim Chalmers 

Weekend Workshop - a 4 DVD Set


This introductory workshop covers the basics of Auriculotherpy to enable you to use this protocol for adjuncitve therapy for your acupunture practice.

4 Dvds PAL or NTSC

Price: $150

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Introduction to Constitutional Treatments

and Gynaecology:


Presenter: Kiiko Matsumoto assisted by David Euler


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